two seasons

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Brian McMahan, David Pajo, and Britt Walford made up the band Slint (Ethan Buckler played bass on the album Tweez and Todd Brashear played bass on Spiderland). They formed in Louisville, Kentucky in 1986 and created a dark, complicated mixture of spoken-word poetry and mutated rock. Ron is the first song on the album Tweez and begins with the singer stating that his headphones are broken. A jazz-like beat goes on in the background and a guitar that sounds like it should be in a metal band plays riffs that sound other-worldly. The first song on Spiderland, Breadcrumb Trail, contains a story and what is at first a light guitar that then turns into piercing, distorted notes that accompany the singer’s screams. Good Morning, Captain (last song on Spiderland) is haunting and steady as it builds up to a flood of distortion and yelling. This music stands apart from a lot of other stuff out there. It is a bit difficult to understand what it is, but the fact that it exists is strangely reassuring. This is music to get lost in and absorb. It is difficult not to be affected by it since it is proof that so much still has not been explored with music.