Piglet – Lava Land


After listening to Piglet’s Lava Land again, I felt the need to share it with others.

My friend George showed it to me a while ago, and I listened to the entire thing without even really thinking about it. One song faded into another as I listened with my eyes closed, trying to follow along with the otherworldly riffs.

The drumming is incredible and seems to lead the way in some parts. It makes each song feel like it is perpetually in a state of transition from one section to another and retains this feeling throughout the EP.

Every song is an instrumental, but the guitar speaks enough to make up for it. I don’t even really think about this EP as consisting of instrumentals because the guitar conveys emotions so thoughtfully and with such variation that it feels as though someone is singing in some unknown language.

The riffs provide a basic mood or an outline of a feeling. Experiencing that overall mood allows you to place your own thoughts and emotions onto the inevitably vague riffs.

The songs are given titles, but it is difficult to analyze the meaning behind them without lyrics. In a way, it’s kind of relieving to just be able to listen and enjoy.

Even after listening to this EP multiple times, it still feels unpredictable. Sometimes it seems as though a song is about to become really heavy but then immediately becomes soft again.

It says volumes without saying anything, and it’s a pleasure getting lost in its confusion.