Snail Mail

Snail Mail are a band from Baltimore, and I only know about them because I just happened to find them on youtube.

Their album Habit immediately intrigued me with its opener, Thinning. The mellow and melancholy vocals give way to a short guitar solo and then return for the next verse. Lindsey Jordan’s singing creates that somber and disinterested tone that I really enjoy hearing at the moment in a lot of bands. I guess that just resonates with me for some reason.

This is not to say that the band is disinterested in the music they are making because it’s very clear they are passionate about it and are devoted to this specific sound. Maybe somber isn’t even the right word because there is the undeniable emotional intensity that inspired the music in the first place.

Static Buzz begins in a relaxed way and somehow contains shifts in intensity without shifting much in tempo. Adding Lindsey’s vocals to it creates a song that never stops being interesting. Her lyrics seem like the kind that are written lying on a bed and staring at the ceiling while no one else is around.

This is exactly the kind of band I would love to see live right now. It’s been too long since I’ve heard this type of sound at a show. Those strong vocals, the melodic and simultaneously melancholic harmonies, and the steady rhythm could do a lot of us some good.

I also just want to mention how great it is that I happened to click on their album on youtube and was then able to get their music on bandcamp not long after without even seeing them live yet (but I do really want to see them live now). For me, this find is a great example of how much fun the search for good music can be.


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