the escape

DSC04270_Fotor DSC04271_Fotor DSC04272_Fotor DSC04273_Fotor DSC04274_Fotor DSC04278_Fotor DSC04280_Fotor DSC04281_Fotor DSC04283_Fotor DSC04284_Fotor DSC04286_Fotor DSC04288_Fotor

this week sucked, but this walk didn’t

I’m still a dam student.

writing essays, trying to do the reading, and taking exams

cafeteria eating and sitting in the library

I am still here


fall break

You can listen to this song while looking at the photos if you want


DSC04208_Fotor DSC04214_Fotor DSC04221_Fotor DSC04223_Fotor DSC04224_Fotor DSC04225_Fotor DSC04227_Fotor DSC04228_Fotor DSC04229_Fotor DSC04231_Fotor DSC04232_Fotor DSC04233_Fotor DSC04234_Fotor DSC04235_Fotor DSC04237_Fotor DSC04238_Fotor DSC04239_Fotor DSC04240_Fotor DSC04241_Fotor DSC04242_Fotor DSC04243_Fotor DSC04245_Fotor